Technology Spin Offs

Technology Spin Offs

Aximetra Inc.

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Company Introduction (funded by Prof. Rene Mayer):

Aximetra Inc. provides five axis machine tool users with products, training and services to automatically check in less than 30 minutes the precision of a machine to help ensure part quality and to rapidly diagnose a faulty machine geometry.

Planar Motor Inc.

Company Introduction (funded by Dr. X.D. Lu):

Planar Motor Inc. (PMI) is the industry pioneer in magnetically suspended planar motors, which designs and produces smart conveying robot systems with unprecedented flexibility, precision, intelligence, re-configurability, scalability and traceability.

MAL Manufacturing Automation Laboratories Inc.

Company Introduction (funded by Prof. Yusuf Altintas):

MAL Manufacturing Automation Laboratories Inc. creates the best virtual machining and optimization solutions worldwide. The combination of science, sensors and software allows customers to virtually machine parts, then change the process as needed. Machining is optimized without ever having to operate machinery, cut material, scrap parts, break tools, crash spindle bearings, create machine downtime and more.