Theme III

Theme III:      Machining of Composite Parts
(Theme Leader: Simon Park – University of  Calgary)

Contribution to Common Objectives

The main objective of this Theme is to develop mathematical models to virtually simulate composite material machining processes, thereby enabling efficient optimization of the processes. In order to achieve this, the following research objectives are proposed:

  • Identify the thermo-mechanical properties and interfacial strength of filler and matrix materials. A database of thermo-mechanical and interfacial strength properties of commonly used polymer matrix materials and carbon filler materials will be developed.
  • Develop a simulation model to predict machining forces based on identified material properties.
  • Develop mathematical models of the behaviour of hard particles during the machining of TiMMCs.
  • Develop a generalised mathematical model to relate cutting forces, vibrations and the extent of delamination to material properties, drill lip geometry, drilling feed and speed in CFRP drilling.
  • Develop a simulation system for milling of CFRP by considering the variation of carbon fibre length and orentation and its effect on cutting mechanism, forces and surface roughness. The simulation model will be used for optimising the tool geometry and cutting parameters.

Role of Theme III in the Network

  • Metal Matrix Composites
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers
III.1:  Milling and Cutting Mechanism Modeling of Titanium Metal Matrix

(Balazinski – Ecole Polytech./Attia – NRC Aerospace Manufacturing Institute)



end June 2018Ph.D.
III.2:  Modeling Composite Drilling Process
(Ahmadi – Victoria/Altintas – UBC)



MASc (started   May 17′)

Ph.D. (visiting /Denmark, Jan. 2018)

III.3:  Modeling of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Composite Milling
(Ahmadi – Victoria/Altintas – UBC)
 Farhadmanesh Ph.D.
III.4:  Modeling of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Carbon Composites
(Park – Calgary/Vaziri – UBC)






III.5:  Numerical Simulation of the Damage and Failure Mechanisms in Composites  during Machining
(Vaziri/Altintas/Jin – UBC)
Shulz (Visiting)

Yan (Visiting)

Chunlei Song


Ph.D. end Nov 2017

Ph.D.            start Jan. 2018

III.6: 3D Ultrasonic Vibration Tool holder for Machining Carbon Fiber Composites
(Altintas/Lu – UBC/Xu – Boeing)
Gao Ph.D.