November 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019


    Project Title & MASc/Ph.D
    (from Research Proposal)
    Project Leaders Reports
    I.A.1 (Ph.D) Digital Modeling of Multi-Functional Machine Tools Altintas View Report
    I.A.2 (Ph.D) Digital Model of Orbital Drilling Process Altintas View Report
    I.A.3 (Ph.D) Dynamics of Multi-point Threading of Thin-walled Oil Pipes Altintas View Report
    I.A.4 (MASc) Chip Formation, Forces, and Elastic Deformations of Gear Hobbing Erkorkmaz/Ismail View Report
    I.A.5 (Ph.D) Mechanics, Monitoring, and Dynamics of Gear Power Skiving
    Erkorkmaz/Ismail View Report
    I.A.6 (MASc) Mechanics and Dynamic Helical and Crowned Gear Shaping
    Erkorkmaz/Ismail View Report
    I.A.7 (Ph.D) Generalised and Efficient Geometric Modeling of CWE Feng/Altintas View Report
    I.B.1 (Ph.D)Process Modeling and Optimal Trajectory Planning for Hybrid Configuration Machining and Additive Manufacturing Vlasea/Erkorkmaz View Report
    I.B.2 (MASc) Strategies for Post-Machining of High Valued Additive Manufacturing Components using Predictive Models
    Vlasea/Erkorkmaz View Report
    I.B.3 (Ph.D) Synchronization of Material Deposition Rate with the Tangential Feed Velocity of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Machines
    Altintas/Sinclair View Report


    Project Title & MASc/Ph.D (from Research Proposal) Project Leaders Reports
    II.A.1 (MASc) Embedded Sensory Systems for Intelligent Machining Lu/Altintas View Report
    II.A.2 (Ph.D) Sensorless Monitoring Nagamune/Altintas View Report
    II.A.3 (Ph.D) Adopting Nanocomposite Sensors in Machining Profess Monitoring Park/Ferry View Report
    II.A.4 (Ph.D) Integrating Virtual and On-Line Machining Process Control and Tool Condition Monitoring Altintas/Lu View Report
    II.A.5 (MASc) Machining sensor Integration and Algorithms Spence Cancelled
    II.A.6 (MASc) Advanced Analytics for Trend Analysis/Maintenance Spence  Cancelled
    II.A.7 (Ph.D) Volumetric Error Compensation for Accurate Machining and On-Machine Measurement Erkorkmaz View Report
    II.A.8 (Ph.D) Optimal Trajectory Planning for 5-Axis Laser Drilling Machine Tools Erkorkmaz View Report
    II.A.9 (MASc) In-Process Machine tool Structural Identification and Precision Controls Erkorkmaz View Report
    II.A.10 (MASc) High-Speed Computation of Time-Optimal Toolpaths and Feedrate Profiles Erkorkmaz View Report
    II.A.11 (Ph.D) Chatter Suppression via On-The-Fly Tracking and Damping of Machine Tool Vibration Modes using Feed Drives Erkorkmaz/Munoa/Beudaert View Report
    II.A.12 (MASc) Adjustable tuned mass damper design for highly flexible boring and threading bars Altintas/Ostling View Report
    II.B.1 (Ph.D) CAD PMI/GDT/IPW Data Support Machining Monitoring Spence Cancelled
    II.B.2 (Ph.D) Machining Inspection Point Cloud Parallel Computing Spence Cancelled
    II.B.3 (Ph.D) Machine Precision Monitoring Achiche View Report
    II.B.4 (Ph.D) Automatic Updating of Compensation Tables of Geometric Parameters Using a Variety of On-Machine Data Collection Means Mayer View Report
    II.B.5 (Ph.D) Uncertainty of Single Point On-Machine Measurement Mayer View Report
    II.B.6 (PDF, MASc, 2 Ph.D.) 5 Axis contouring error control withou violating servo drive limits Altintas View Report


    Project Title & MASc/Ph.D (from Research Proposal) Project Leaders Reports
    III.1 (Ph.D) Milling and Cutting Mechanism Modeling of Titanium Metal Matrix Composites Balazinski & Kamalizadeh View Report
    III.2 (Ph.D) Modeling Composite Drilling Process Ahmadi View Report
    III.3 (Ph.D) Modeling of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Composite Milling Jun/Ahmadi View Report
    III.4 (MASc) Modeling of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Carbon Composites Park/Jun View Report
    III.5 (Ph.D) Numerical Simulation of the Damage and Failure Mechanisms in Composites during Machining Jin/Altintas View Report
    III.6 (Ph.D) 3D Ultrasonic Vibration Tool Holder for Machining Carbon Fiber Composites. Altintas/Lu View Report


    Project Title & MASc/Ph.D (from Research Proposal) Project Leaders Reports
    IV.A.1 (MASc) Tool Geometry, Edge and Wear Measurement and Processing Conditions Veldhuis/Koshy View Report
    IV.A.2 (MASc) Methodology for Assessing Tool Wear Mechanisms Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.1 (Ph.D) Modeling of Machining Temperatures for Coated Tools
    Altintas View Report
    IV.B.2 (MASc) Tool Geometry Assessment and Optimization Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.3 (MASc) Edge and Tool Surface Preparation Veldhuis/Koshy View Report
    IV.B.4 (Ph.D) Adaptive Nano-Multilayered PVD Coatings
    Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.5 (Ph.D) Functionally Graded Multilayer Coatings Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.6 (Ph.D) Thick PVD Coatings Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.7 (Ph.D) Development of New PVD Coatings Specifically for Machining Hardened Die Steel Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.8 (Ph.D) Development of Lubricating Multilayer PVD Coatings for Machining of Al-Si Alloys
    Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.9 (MASc) Investigation of Post Treatments(wide peening and cleaning: WPC, EDM) Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.10 (Ph.D) Integrative Wear Assessment Veldhuis View Report
    IV.B.11 (Ph.D) Development of Low-Friction and Durable Tool Coatings for Machining of Aerospace Components made of Titanium Alloys Alpas View Report
    IV.C.1 (MASc) Nano Scale Tribology Investigation Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.2 (Ph.D) Micro-Nano Material Characterization Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.3 (MASc) Method for Assessing Chipping Resistance Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.4 (Ph.D) Oxidation / Corrosion Performance of Surfaces Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.5 (MASc) Assess c-BN Tooling Performance in Machining of Grey Cast Iron Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.6 (MASc) Understanding the Rold of Coolant in Grey Cast Iron Machining Utilizing c-BN Machining Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.7 (Ph.D) Understanding the Role of Alloying Elements in Machinability Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.8 (MASc) Machining of High-Alloy Powderd Metals Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.9 (MASc) High-Productivity Bi-Metal Machining (Aluminum and Steel) Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.10 (MASc) Investigate Improved Tapping Life in Automotive Die Cast Al-Si Applications Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.11 (MASc) Investigation of Wear Performance during Machining of Ti Alloys Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.12 (MASc) Investigation of Wear Performance during Machining of Ni-based Aerospace Alloys Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.13 (MASc) Investigation of Wear Behaviour during Machining of Superduplex Stainless Steel Veldhuis View Report
    IV.C.14 (MASc) Assessment of Performance in High-speed Ddry Machining of Low Carbon Steel Veldhuis View Report
    IV.D.1 (Ph.D) Novel Application of Non-Newtonian Working Media for Polishing and Edge Preparation of Complex Milling Tools Koshy View Report
    IV.D.2 (MASc) Improved Coolant Jet Coherency for Enhanced Heat Transfer in Grinding through:
    (1) Computational Modeling of Nozzle Flow Conditioner, and
    (2) Mixing of Polymer Additives
    Koshy View Report
    IV.D.3 (MASc) Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Koshy View Report
    IV.D.4 (MASc) Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer Koshy View Report
    IV.D.5 (MASc) EDM Texture for Control of Fluid Drag and Surface Traction Koshy View Report


    V.I Integration of Digital Process Models to Virtual Machining Platform Altintas View Report
    V.II Integration of Sensor Assisted Digital Machining Algorithms to Industrial CNCs Altintas View Report
    V.III Integration of Kinematics and Control Models of Multi-functional Machines on Virtual CNC Altintas View Report