Please e-mail any research material ready for public disclosure to the Network Coordinator ( at least 60 days prior to the intended release date . The material will then be posted on NSERC CANRIMT members-only web at Journal Papers and Network industry partners notified of its availability for the 30-day review period (see Item 7.3 from the Research Network Agreement below).

When you submit your research material for posting and review, please also provide the following details to the Network Coordinator:

  1. Where and when the material is to be presented and in what format (refereed or non-refereed journal paper, conference presentation, etc.)
  2. The name of the author/co-author to be contacted with the results of the review once the 30-day deadline has passed.
  3. Note:Please remember to include an acknowledgement of the NSERC CANRIMT funding support for the research in your paper, presentation or other outcome.