Machining CAE and CNC specialist positions at Ford

FORD US (Livonia, Michigan) – MACHINING CNC Specialist and MACHINING CAE Engineer

Two positions are now available with Ford US in Livonia, Michigan (see links below to job postings.)

Ford US is able to hire Canadian citizens who apply for and obtain TN visas (for more information on TN visas visit  The employees would remain Canadian citizens and reside in Canada – probably in or near Windsor, and commute to the U.S.

Note:  there are many Canadian commuters to the Ford offices in Livonia, and the commute from Windsor is similar to the commute from many metro Detroit suburbs.


Click on “Search Openings” – Search for 5321BR in “Keyword” for CNC Specialist; Search for 5319BR in “Keyword” for Machining CAE Engineer.

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