McMaster University: Faculty of Engineering Research Achievement Award-Dr. Mo Elbestawi and President’s Award for Excellence in Instruction-Dr. Philip Koshy

McMaster University – The MacEngineer (Fall 2012 – pp. 6-7 and 10)



Dr. Mo Elbestawi (NSERC CANRIMT Theme Leader and Researcher)

The recipient of this year’s Faculty of Engineering Research Achievement Award is Dr. Mo Elbestawi (Ph.D. ’80), Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Vice-President (Research & International Affairs.)

The award recognizes his accomplishments in and contributions to the field of machine tools and advanced manufacturing technologies for over three decades.  He has been published in numerous publications, contributed to four books, and has authored or co-authored some 40 industrial research and technical reports, as well as delivered over 100 presentations at conferences and universities around the world.  Since 1986, Dr. Elbestawi has helped shape the research activity and curriculum in manufacturing engineering at McMaster, most particularly through his active involvement in the creation of the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute – considered by experts to be Canada’s most advanced and best-equipped manuf acturing research laboratory.

Dr. Philip Koshy (NSERC CANRIMT Researcher)

Dr. Philip Koshy is this year’s recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Instruction.  An Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Koshy was recognized for his teaching passion and enthusiasm, and for his dedication to his students.  He is well-known for his caring and thoughtful approach to teaching and his ability to develop an excellent rapport with his students.

He is also an active researcher with a substantial portfolio of research publications, patents and honours.  The President’s Award for Excellence in Instruction, established in 1993, recognizes outstanding contributions t o education.

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