The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), October 17-20, 2011, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Canada


The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS – is being held in the Direct Energy Centre – Toronto (on the Exhibition grounds) from Oct 17-20, 2011.

NSERC CANRIMT researchers have been invited to participate in the CMTS Innovation Alley, a 12’x80’ space devoted to innovation in manufacturing. Based on the current floor plan, this is in a prime location in the middle of machining and close to metrology.

Please contact Dr. Stephen Veldhuis (veldhu at mcmaster ca) if you are interested in presenting your research and participating in the show together with your students. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight NSERC CANRIMT research capabilities and recent results, and even if you are unable to participate yourself, please consider sending as many students as possible. This trade show will help to showcase students to industry, especially those about to enter the job market.

The following ideas are currently being considered for how best to structure the space, but your input would be appreciated.

  1. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is also considering using this space as a casual meeting area with tables, chairs and couches.

  2. Another area in this space would include a series of general posters highlighting innovative topics under simple headings such as:

    1. Innovations in Materials and Manufacturing

    2. Advanced Processes

      1. Machining

      2. Metal Forming

      3. Polymer Processing

      4. Heat Treatment

      5. Casting

      6. Etc.

    3. High Performance Coatings for Manufacturing Tooling

    4. Process Optimization

    5. Rapid Product Development

    6. Production Monitoring

    7. Integrated Inspection and Closed Loop Production

    8. Mechanisms for Funding Innovation

      – Invite NSERC – Engage, OCE, IRAP, SR&ED etc.

    9. Education programs

      – Information on individual universities (there will be a special Student Day), Professional programs like ADMI etc.

  3. Each area could include a large screen computer display cycling through individual student research posters. Students could then display their specific poster if there is interest and discuss it with show participants.

  4. Student clubs from each Network university partner campus could be present projects such as the SAE Formula Hybrid car, Baja Car and the Solar car to make the space more interesting.

  5. As most booths will have displays, the Network should endeavour to present demonstration parts which can be used to highlight NSERC CANRIMT. Demonstrations could increase traffic through these areas.

    Note: CMTS has stipulated that no equipment can be displayed which would compete with the companies displaying their machines.

  6. Funding agencies working with NSERC CANRIMT could be asked to provide information related to support mechanisms to fund innovation (NSERC, OCE, IRAP, SR&ED, etc.)

Your suggestions are very welcome on how to best fill this space and promote innovation in manufacturing.

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