The scientific and technical objectives of the Network will be met through the research conducted by graduate students. The training of HQP will play a central role in achieving our goals and the transfer of developed technologies. In this quest, our budget allocation can be viewed as targeting three main categories:

HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) Training: the funding of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Deliverable Hardware/Software Modules: the funding of equipment, parts, materials and supplies to convert their developments into deliverable hardware/software modules.

Technology Transfer: the funding of professionals to assist in shaping their developments for expeditious technology transfer. This funding will also cover travel expenses for Network participants.

CANRIMT2 will have a direct research budget of $8,333,000 with $2,0530,000 (24.6%) contributed by industry, $780,000 (9.4%) by the universities, and $5,500,000 (66%) applied from NSERC. While Canadian companies contribute $1,428,000, international companies provide $780,000 cash towards direct research activities of the Network. The universities will receive additional $513,250 as overheads from industrial partners.